Thursday, April 15, 2021

Back to Yoga Amongst the Bullies

 I have been focusing on my daily yoga, meditation and chanting practice again.  It always calms me down and brings me back to center.  If I read too much news, or spend time among people who are in bullying mode, it makes me anxious.  Bullies always want attention.  They choose people who are conscientious, quiet, and studious.  They never pick on people their size or larger.  They always select someone small, slight, unassuming, and who follows the rules.  They hate to be videotaped in the act.  Insecure and struggling in their lives, they usually see something in you they will never ever have.  It might be your gift with animals or plants, your discipline, cleanliness, fit body, or calm demeanor.

I once lived near a man who was a terrible bully.  He would park near me in his truck,  yell angrily at me, try to make eye contact, disrupt my house guests, and fixate on me.  I maintained my distance and didn't react.  I prayed for Divine Justice.  He had a stroke.  After that, he made bird calls, (that were shockingly identical to the actual birds he was communicating with,) and smoked.  He didn't have friends, he lost his health, and deteriorated over time.  I always thought it was linked to his dominant, abusive behavior.  My policy with bullies is to wait and watch.  Their own negativity, need for control, and desire to instill fear seems to poison them.  I've seen it again and again, even with one of my own brothers.  What you project out comes back...

So, I return daily  to yoga.  I have posted some videos below showing a more yogic view of the virus.  I find these men very intelligent and relaxing.  I hope you do, too.  I'm getting more notes from other people who are also listening to their bodies as far as any and all health decisions.  You can always sleep on something.  You should never feel forced or rushed into  a procedure that is irreversible.  You only get one body, and it's yours, and yours alone.  Namaste.

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  1. Another lovely and thought provoking post. It is keeping quiet that has always kept me calm and at peace. I don't like background noise, be it the TV or radio always being on. I feel anxious with multiple layers of noise around me if that makes sense. I should try to figure out mediation someday. Your response to bullies is perfect. I think you have figured out their mindset very well.

  2. Thank you, dear Anita. I know what you mean about noise pollution. I've had a lot of experience in my life with bullies. This pandemic seems to be triggering that behavior in those who feel the need to assert control.

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    1. Thanks, ratnamurti. Not the most positive subject, but one that many people encounter in life. (Especially now.)