Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Sea Legs

One thing I found therapeutic about being on the ship was that it was so relaxing. You don't have to cook, clean, grocery shop, or do laundry. The views are exhilarating. This is a photo of the port. The water was like glass.  All of these were taken  by Richard Hester, the director of Jersey Boys. He has such a good eye.

The second day of the cruise I decided to take a jacuzzi. I had bought a new swimsuit  for the trip. Wearing a bikini when you are fifty-three is kind of a stretch, but I figured, why not? I'd be underwater most of the time. My stomach was a glow in the dark shade of white, so I laid out for forty minutes a day the week before the cruise.  I got a nice base tan, hoping to avoid skin cancer. Everything has a risk. Being in the sun feels so healing, but I'm always worried that I'm getting more wrinkles.

I walked up to the jacuzzi and slid into the water. It felt so clean, and the view was gorgeous! I relaxed and sank more deeply into the bubbles. I looked down and realized that my room key/card, was no longer in the pouch that I was wearing around my neck.  "Oh, no," I thought. I'm going to have to go down to the front desk, soaking wet, in a bikini, and get a new one. I  waited for the bubbles to stop. I found my card at the bottom of the jacuzzi. Feeling very relieved, I carefully placed it back into the pouch, and set it on the deck. There is so much to remember on a cruise ship. It takes coordination. I felt like I was all thumbs.

I walked to the public restroom near the pool and tried to figure out how to use my card to open the door. It wasn't working.  I got confused again. I kept tapping my card on the lock, but nothing clicked.  I was getting self conscious.  It turns out you just open the door normally.  You don't need to use your key for the outside restrooms. The inside was immaculate and impressive. I felt like I was in a theater.

I walked around the track a few times. It was a perfect, sunny day. It was so much fun to sit and people watch. I recognized a couple of the dancers because they have such gorgeous legs. They were lounging by the pool. Those beautifully trained bodies definitely stand out in a crowd.

I went back to my room and turned the wrong way in the hallway for about the seventeenth time. There are directions posted, but for some reason I kept making an incorrect turn somewhere and walking for ages, searching for my room number. Oh well, it was good exercise. I finally figured it out and went back to my cabin.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Figuring Out How Things Work In Your Cabin

My biggest challenge on the cruise was getting up to speed on technology. Once I found my cabin, I  couldn't figure out how to unlock the door. It's been thirty years since I have sailed on a ship. Back when I was touring with shows, you slid your plastic card into the hotel door, and pulled it out. Once the green light flashed, the door unlocked. On The Bliss, you just tap your card on the door lock, and it unlocks for you. It was very simple, but I had to ask someone from housekeeping how to do it.

Once I got inside, I couldn't figure out how to turn on the lights. None of the switches were doing anything. It felt like we had no electricity. It turns out there's a little card holder near the door. You have to slide you card into it and leave it there.

My friends asked me to message them on Facebook so that we could get together. I opened an account, but I had trouble with the server. I was told that I would probably have better luck in the Internet Cafe. Fortunately, we had phones in our room with a flashing red light if you had a voice message. That afternoon I noticed that I had a message from my friend. We made arrangements to meet for a drink, see the show, and have dinner. It was great to hear his voice.  It's so much simpler to just talk on the phone. I much prefer it to texting, which I still don't have. I forgot to pack my phone charger, so my cell phone went dead. Fortunately, I didn't need it.

When I got home the first night, I couldn't figure out how to turn off the lights. I spent forty minutes playing with the switches. All it seemed to do was turn on more lights. I was getting very frustrated. It was late, and I was tired. I thought I would just remove the card from the holder, and figure it all out in the morning. That way I could see.  Once I removed the card, it was pitch black. I felt very disoriented, and I couldn't see a thing. I had the card holder around my neck. I felt like an old lady.

I started to panic, imagining that if there was a fire on board, I would be groping around and unable to flee. My mind started to play tricks on me. I put the card back in the holder, and finally found the little black button on the lamp that turned out the night light. Next time I'll pack my travel clock. Once again, it was really easy, but I guess I'm just not very mechanically minded. I live in an older home with antiques and vintage appliances. Things have really changed.

We  received a beautiful journal with a pen, and a shopping tote with the NCL logo on it. I thought that was so sweet. I never did figure out how to work the t.v. I haven't had television in years. It seemed very similar to working a computer, but I struggled with the basics. I'll have to learn. By the end of the trip, I felt right at home, and had gotten into a groove.  

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Home From The Cruise!

I returned this morning from the Norwegian Bliss Inaugural. It was a fantastic experience, with incredibly talented people.  What an spectacular ship! My friend is the vice president of entertainment, so I received the VIP treatment. It was so much fun! We were completely spoiled with free meals, drinks, and gorgeous cabins.

I left my home at 10:00 a.m. in the morning on Friday. I drove quickly to San Pedro; there was very little traffic. As I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the ship. "There she is," I thought to myself. I was amazed at her size. 4000 people can fit on board. I showed the agent my passport, followed the crowd of travel agents who were also on free cruises up the ramp, and checked in at the desk.

After unpacking and admiring the view, I walked around and explored the ship. It is brand new, and is absolutely beautiful. My room was way beyond what I had imagined. It was stateline cabin (which sleeps four,) with a balcony. It had a large double bed, and all of the amenities. I made coffee in the morning, and sat outside, watching the sunrise. The skies were a brilliant blue, and the sun shimmered down on us. It was California weather at its best.

I got to see Jersey Boys the first night. I felt like I was living a dream, because I was seated between the director, Richard Hester, and the choreographer, Danny Austin. It was a thrilling experience. This company is fantastic! (Well they all are.) I have seen four different men play the Frankie Valli  role, and Grant Almirall is such a star. He did the South African company.  I cried four times during the show.  It was so emotional and energizing. I was buzzing with energy when I got back to my room. Jersey Boys is my absolute favorite show. It's such a brilliant work of art. I never get tired of seeing it.      

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Getting Your Passport Renewed

Today I went down to the Federal Building in Santa Monica to renew my passport. I had made an appointment over the phone. They have an automated system. You select the day and time, and they call you the night before to confirm it.

I left the house at 10:00 a.m. for a 12:00 noon slot. I expected the traffic on the 405 freeway to be congested, but it actually flowed very smoothly. There is always some back up around the 101 interchange, but I still arrived at my destination in about an hour. For the San Diego freeway at that hour, that is making excellent time.

Parking was free, plentiful, and close to the entrance. I waited in line for about forty minutes. Even if you have an appointment, you still have to stand in line. Things were very organized and professional. Once inside, I set off the metal detectors, and couldn't figure out why. I had removed my belt, keys, and knitting scissors.  The agent asked me if I'd had any of my joints replaced. That was what was triggering the alarms! I explained that I'd had both hips replaced, so he took me off to the side. He carefully ran the metal detector over my body. They were very thorough, which I appreciate, in this day and age.

I had all of my paperwork filled out and ready to go. The lines moved quickly and smoothly. I was impressed with how respectful and cooperative all of the customers were. Everyone seemed to be excited about traveling.

I was in my car and driving home at 12:36 p.m. Pretty impressive, I thought. It made me feel very happy to see so many different nationalities following the rules, being courteous, and waiting their turn. We hear so much of the negative on the news, but this was a very positive and uplifting experience. The military presence was strong, protective, and excellent. I felt proud of them and very grateful to have my United States passport and citizenship.  

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Well, I finally sat down and watched the Royal Wedding. I was really struck by the elegance and beauty of it. There is something so fairy tale like about those events. It seems to touch a wistful place deep inside of us. We can't help but wonder, what would it be like to be a prince or princess? The music was glorious.  I especially enjoyed the singing and energy of the choir. It was inspiring to see something so cultural and civilized on television. I got a bit teary. What an event!

It made me think about the weddings in my family. Although the sermons stress the ideals of marriage, sometimes the reality doesn't match those expectations. I watched the footage of Charles, now older and greyer, and thought about Diana. It was so tragic for those boys to lose their lovely mum. Even the very wealthy experience extreme heartache and difficulty in life. Nobody gets a free pass. 

Family dynamics are strange things, and none of us can control what happens. One new personality can change everything.  Sometimes marriage brings in happiness, other times it causes terrible strain. I think all families have a mixture of feelings and results.  I have learned to let go and allow things to happen. You never know how life will turn out; it is full of unexpected twists and turns. The future is very difficult to predict. It was amazing to me to see Camilla up there, and how gracefully they all handled it. What a saga.

The photo above is my mom, my brother, and I. We are  at my aunt's wedding. I remember at that time my mother was upset that I wasn't the flower girl. It makes me laugh now. "She just doesn't want you to get all the attention," my mother snapped.  I really find that amusing. I loved watching the children in the Royal Wedding. They were so sweet. They really added something special.  Did you watch?

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Turning Self Doubt Into Self Discipline

Yesterday I booked another article. It was a wonderful surprise, as I had been battling self doubt earlier in the week.  My last six magazine pitches had received rejections, and I was starting to feel like an out of work writer. Although it was tempting to slack off, I continued blogging, scribbling down any ideas for articles that came to me intuitively. Sometimes they float into my mind when I'm doing yoga, or vacuuming.  If I don't write them down immediately, they disappear. They are like mercury.

When you work in show business, you need to constantly audition. You attend every call, (whether you feel like it or not,)  until you get hired. It's always easier to audition for a show when you are working. The financial pressure is off, which gives  you a  psychological advantage. Because you are relaxed, you don't radiate a sense of desperation.  If someone behind the table asks what you are working on right now, you have an answer. You don't burst into tears. (which I have actually done when interviewed at a singing audition for a Broadway show.) You've got to have nerves of steel. I'm a self described nervous wreck, but I just keep going.

Even when you are unemployed, (or especially when you are unemployed,) you have to persevere. You need to keep attending classes, practicing,  and studying. You can watch videos on line, read interviews, or examine photos. Each day you should spend at least a couple of hours improving your craft.

I recently was worried about a paycheck that I hadn't received. I didn't want to bother the editor, but was concerned that it may have gotten lost in the mail. I sent a quick email, saying that I hadn't received payment for last month's articles yet, and just wanted to let them know. I got an instant reply, explaining that the checks had been mailed earlier in the week. I also received an email from the editor in chief,  asking me if I would be willing to do a story that I had proposed using a slightly different format. I quickly emailed the editor back, answering, "Absolutely."  My fears had been unfounded. Women often have a hard time speaking up; especially if they were raised that doing so is "pushy".

If we don't ask for what we want, (or what we have earned,) we may not receive it. You are just following up; you are not being demanding. People who make hiring decisions are very busy these days, and they receive hundreds of emails. In business you often have to ask for the sale, in order to close the deal.   It's easy to slip into fear and worry. Artists have to continue our daily work, and set goals. No one else can do it for you. Achieving your dreams takes tremendous self discipline and focus. You have to say no to some people and their requests,  and prioritize your time. It's all worth it in the end. Success often comes when you least expect it.    

A close friend of mine who was a very well known dancer on Broadway once confided to me, "Whenever a show closes, I always think, "Oh God! I'll never work again." Because she was so talented and accomplished, I had no doubt that she would always get work. We have to push through any hesitation or negativity, and stay on track. "Act, or you will be acted upon," my father always taught me. It is so true.  

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lula's Family Visit

Today Lula's family stopped by to visit. They had to give her up when they moved. We are neighbors. We went for a short walk together, and then came home and sat on the porch. I have a tiny wooden porch swing that the girls used for their dolls. It was so sweet to watch them carefully pushing it.

They got to try out the new glider chairs, as well. Patio furniture is especially fun when you're a child. Their mom  brought a blanket with them for their brother that was knit by a local knitting teacher. She taught me the design, and I sell them in my Etsy shop. Hand knits look so sweet on babies. His mom likes it because it has boy colors. It's so old fashioned and soft. I love the windowpane design. It's by Debbie Bosstick.

At first it was hard for the girls and Lula to see each other. There were tears and confusion. I wasn't sure if we would be able to continue the visits, but everyone has adjusted. Lula will always love her family, but she is also very happy here with me. She seems to understand that this is her new home. We took a fabulous hike this morning at Vasquez Rocks. The horse trail wound up and around the mountain, and the sunshine was glorious.  How was your day?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Cottage Garden and Grey Alpaca Hat

This is the prettiest time of year in our area. I love riding my bike around, and looking at all of the colorful flowers in bloom. The roses are especially beautiful right now. I haven't had much luck with growing roses organically, but I have several neighbors with absolutely gorgeous rose gardens.

I finished the grey hat last week. I was so pleased with the result.  This one is done on US size eleven needles. It fits perfectly! Stephanie Pearl- McPhee was right when she said to go up one size for a large head. No need to alter the pattern. The yarn is chunky alpaca from Creative Ewe. It's their own line.

It's amazing all that you can do online these days. When we used to travel, we would get our boarding passes on the day of departure,  at the gate. Now you can check in at home and print out your boarding pass way ahead of time. It's so convenient. I have been doing a lot of searches online on cruises and train trips. I would love to travel by train through Canada someday. The landscape looks exquisite.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Musings

Yesterday was Mother's Day, here in the U.S. The last time I went home, I found these photographs of my mom. She was so beautiful. She looked like a movie star. I mentioned it to my dad yesterday and he answered, "Yes, she always did." She had so much style. I miss her.

As I get older, I realize that my time here is limited. I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life. It's like a new chapter.  I am getting the itch to travel again. The day before  Mother's Day I was given a free cruise. It was an unexpected surprise from an old friend. He is the vice president of entertainment on one of the top cruise lines.  My mother loved taking cruises with my aunt. I can't help but wonder if they had something to do with this, on a spiritual level. I am very excited about it. Looking forward to, and planning a journey. is almost as much fun as taking one.

I have been thinking about my mom's life, and the challenges that she faced. She battled alcoholism and prescription drug addiction. She could never kick either of them, and they were a terrible combination. She tried so hard to make everything just perfect. I can now see more clearly why she struggled in the areas that she did. My dad recently told me that she had married another man before she met him. The marriage was annulled after she caught him in bed with another man. What a shock that must have been. I found it fascinating. It must have been terribly upsetting. He was an actor. I am so thankful that she married my dad. He was an excellent husband and father, and extremely dependable. It's interesting how we all have family secrets that shape and condition our lives.

She was very good with children and animals. Dogs absolutely loved her. Her own dogs were extremely well trained. She took them everywhere with her.  She also had a very green thumb. She grew Christmas cactus and orchids indoors. They always seemed to be in bloom. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018


I have been experimenting with nutrition the past week. Instead of using sugar in my two daily cafe au laits, I've been sweetening them them with xylitol. I've stopped baking and eating white bread, and focused on eating whole foods. It's pretty amazing to see the results. My knees no longer have any aches or pains. I sleep soundly at night, and wake up feeling energetic and healthy.

I've known about the importance of diet since I was nineteen. For most of my life I could get away with eating sweets, desserts, and breads.  Now that I'm older, I feel it. I remember a lady in her fifties who used to run the desk at our local dance studio.  I would always stop at the liquor store on my way to work, (I taught and assisted classes at the dance school,) and buy gum, now or laters, life savers, and lemon heads. I used to offer her some of my candy. She  told me, "Oh no! I can't. I ache at night if I eat sugar." At the time, I found that concept perplexing, but now I totally understand. I continued to eat sugar, and lots of it, every single day. As I got older, I had a new set of favorite candies, mostly from Costco. I loved their milk chocolate sea salt caramels, chocolate truffles, and gummy bears.

When the balls of my my hip sockets were mottled and diseased with osteoarthritis, I found it almost impossible to sleep. I used to dread going to bed at night because of the pain. Since having my hips replaced, I feel thirty years younger. Sleep is easy, relaxing and healing. Giving up a few foods is a small price to pay for feeling pain free and healthy.

How about you? Do you notice a difference in how you feel when you eliminate certain foods?

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Today I decided to try again with The Unoriginal Hat pattern by Stephanie Pearl- McPhee. It turns out that I made a mistake in my needle size on the first version. I'm still not used to metrics.  She did hers on size 7mm needles, and she has a very small head.  I should have used a set of US 10.5 dpn's. I accidentally pulled out my US size 10's. That's a big mistake on this pattern, and it's why my gauge was off by four stitches. It makes me feel better, because I was starting to wonder if Stephanie was a very loose knitter. It's probably time for me to get some better glasses, too. My readers aren't cutting it.

 Today  I bought a pair of size US11 dpn's at Creative Ewe in Canyon Country. It is making all the difference. I can tell that this hat will fit perfectly. I'm so relieved.  I like the drape of it on this size needles better, too. Coincidentally, it matches the grey Carbeth sweater that I have been working on for ages. I'm definitely into knitting more neutrals, since watching The Gentle Knitter podcasts. They go with everything.

Our local yarn shop, Creative Ewe is moving the location of its warehouse. I will really miss shopping there,  and knitting at their Wednesday afternoon sessions. I am so glad that I took as many classes as I could with Yuko Frederick  She  really gave me an excellent base of knowledge in knitting and crocheting. I have had many interesting and humorous conversations with the owner, Christian. He is so passionate and talented. I feel sad that they have to close their beautiful brick and mortar shop;  it's such a special place. They really put their hearts and souls into it. I know they will still do very well with their online sales. I guess all good things must end. So now I will be knitting from my very large stash. It's kind of like a mini yarn store in a closet. I realized when I started donating clothing to the thrift store, (to make room for boxes of yarn), that I had a problem. I don't need that many clothes, anyway.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice From The Garden

I have been enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice from the garden each morning. The taste is amazing! I may start eating them, instead of juicing them, so that the harvest lasts for a longer time. One glass of juice takes five oranges! I am giving some to my mail lady when she whizzes by this afternoon. I dropped off several artichokes for my neighbor earlier today. She gave me another bag of her sweet grapefruit, and a couple of volunteer nectarine trees.  The citrus are scrumptious! There is nothing like fresh, tree ripened fruit. It's one of the reasons that I settled in Southern California. I always dreamed of growing my own fruits and vegetables, and now I am.

I made another batch of compost tea this afternoon. It does such an excellent job of feeding the plants, and it's free. All it takes is the correct balance of greens and browns. I collect all of my fruit and vegetable peels, scraps, and leftovers. Thanks to my compost pile, I have a tiny bag of  trash each week.  I think the manure that my neighbor gives me really adds a punch to the effect of the compost tea. It makes everything so green and vibrant! Vegetables that are home grown always taste more flavorful, and they are so tender.

The hat is now dried and blocked. I am going to try making another one, hopefully in a size large. I will probably add an extra fourteen stitches, and  work it on circular needles in the round. I have another ball of alpaca yarn in grey. If the size works, I may redo the first one. Or, I will gift it to someone with a very, very small head.   

I redid the heel on the lace socks today. Actually, I redid it twice. I realized that I had gone wrong when I didn't need to knit across to start picking up stitches. On the second attempt I miscounted, but by the third time I got it right. There was no longer a tiny, mysterious hole at the bottom. I think that's where I should have closed the gap. I love this yarn, and these socks. They are meditative to knit. The Tofutsies yarn washes really nicely, too.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

A Very Fast Cable Knit Hat

This morning, as I was enjoying a cafe au lait, and reading the Yarn Harlot's blog, I found this fabulous pattern for a cabled hat. It's knit  in chunky yarn, and the pattern is free! I decided to whip it up; chunky yarn is so much faster to knit with than dk. I pulled up the chart on my computer, and got to work. I used some tan alpaca yarn that I had in my stash. I bought it on sale a couple of months ago. It's perfect. Stephanie is such a talented designer.

I was surprised at how quickly I had it finished. The last hat that I knit took me a month. It was a complicated, (well, for me,)  cable pattern on dk weight yarn. This was SO much easier. It's too small for my very large head, but will be nice for a gift. I don't really need another hat, anyway.  I have two already, but this pattern and yarn were very tempting.

It has a simple finish. You just close it up like a drawstring bag and weave in the ends. I blocked it and am letting it dry now. Such a productive day! It feels great to finish a knitting project. I am still cranking away at the Carbeth sweater and the second pair of Winwick Mum's Easy Lace Socks. This was a side dish...I highly recommend this pattern. It uses size 10 dpn needles. You can make it on larger needles if you need a size large. Let me know if you try it. I'm dying to make another one...maybe tomorrow!

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Morning Hike And A Sweet Little Girl

This morning I took Lula to Placerita Canyon for a hike on the Botany Trail. It was a  beautiful and peaceful setting . This park is only a ten minute drive from my home. I really enjoyed seeing all of the wildflowers in bloom, and reading the wooden signs that labeled the native plants.

This little hut is small but efficient.

 This is a rack that was used for drying animal skins.

Here is an explanation of the history of this area.The oak trees are old and established. It's so soothing to be in their presence. Next time I will bring a picnic. There are several benches and picnic tables under the trees.

We met a very sweet little girl and her mom on the way back. The little girl was wearing brightly colored sunglasses, and she was so friendly and amiable. She and Lula became instant friends. I felt an immediate connection with her, as well. The older I get, the more I find that  I enjoy conversing with children. I showed her how to use Lula's pink water bottle/water bowl. She loved it. Lula eagerly lapped up all of the water.

We headed back to the parking lot, and I drove home for lunch. I heated up leftover beef stew and a slice of homemade bread. I made a chef's salad for dinner  using Romaine lettuce, red peppers, grated carrots, sliced red onion, avocado, cheese, turkey ham, and homemade croutons. The homemade bread makes the most incredible croutons. I baked them in my  vintage toaster oven, to save on electricity. I love how they taste topped with melted butter, parmesan cheese, and fresh garlic. They add so much crunch and flavor to the salad.   How was your weekend?   

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cutting Down On Sugar and Coffee

Last night I realized  that I need to reduce the amount of sugar that  I eat. I've always had a sweet tooth. Lately I've been snacking on gummy bears, pineapple sherbet, and chocolate.  I've also been sneaking in a third cafe au lait in the afternoons,  which is one too many for me. Not to mention the fact that I put two heaping spoonfuls of sugar in my coffee. When you live alone, it's so easy to cheat. Nobody's watching. Last night in bed my arms started aching. It reminded me of when I had osteoarthritis in my hips. I've been so fortunate since having my hips replaced, able to sleep soundly, and living  pain free. I don't want to cause diet related  problems. I can tell that I am, so it's time to change.

I've also been baking homemade bread regularly. It's so delicious, but I make it with white flour. That's not the greatest choice, health-wise, either.  It just tastes so good! The thick slices are incredibly soft, chewy, and delicious. Today I made a broccoli cheese casserole, and put homemade breadcrumbs on the top of it. Instead of making a turkey ham and cheese sandwich on freshly baked bread, I put the ham and cheese in a salad with from scratch balsamic vinaigrette. I've got to be more disciplined, in order to prevent age related aches and pains.

The garden is exploding with energy. It's crowded, but happy. I planted things close together in order to save water. One of the mystery squash plants that I transplanted looks like it is adapting. I'm curious to see what it is. It may be a butternut squash, or a pale pink pumpkin sized gourd. We will see...

My neighbor stopped by with her dogs. We think Lula and Bam Bam look so cute together. They have the same coloring.  It's been perfect dog walking weather here. I walked a few miles today to the post office, to mail a monthly soap order to an Etsy customer. I took the bus home, and chatted with a friend. Hope you are doing well.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Raw Almonds

I bought a pound of these raw almonds at the Armenian market last week. They look almost like tiny green peaches. The skin is fuzzy and green.

I sliced into the corner with a sharp knife. It's difficult not to cut into the nut itself. You peel off the outside layer.

Some of them broke, but they will still be edible. The next day they were still wet and soft, like fruit.  It's fascinating to me, because I have only seen almonds that were dried, roasted, and packaged.  Smokehouse almonds are my favorite, I love the delicious spices. I always give a huge canister of those to my dad at Christmastime.

It's gotten chillier here, and is such perfect knitting weather. I finished the first sleeve for Carbeth. One more to go, and then the yoke. I have been wearing the Oaklet Shawl that I made regularly. Shawls are so useful! I think that the next one that I knit will be larger. I prefer them to a sweater at times. This sweater is going to be so plush and comfy! I love simple sweaters. I find that those are the ones that I wear regularly. You can pull them on like a sweatshirt. For me, basic patterns equal useful garments. I've been taking my time knitting this piece. I used to plow through sweaters, working for hours end. Now I approach it in a more leisurely fashion. I am savoring the process, and this plush, grey yarn... 

Here is the Oaklet Shawl, blocked. I love the simple lace border. I added a couple of stripes, and used Llama Una worsted weight yarn, on larger needles.  I ran out of the blue, and had to run to the local yarn shop to buy an extra skein. I have gotten SO much use out of this already! It looks nice as a wrap, too. Let me know how yours is going, if you are making one. 

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