Thursday, September 28, 2017

Looking After Yourself

Self care is an important part of health. Our daily habits really make a difference in how we look, feel, and appear to others. I always feel better after having my morning coffee, knitting or crocheting for an hour or so, and then making breakfast. After I finish eating, I make the bed and take a shower. Once dressed,  I take a bike ride and run the dogs. It's a great way to start the day.

It's funny, but the little things really do  make a difference in our mental attitude and perception of the world. I find that often if I am feeling out of sorts, emotionally, I can shift my mood by changing my actions. Today I took a bath in epsom salts, used a bar of homemade cocoa butter and rosemary soap, and listened to a podcast by The Gentle Knitter. It was so relaxing to sip herbal tea while I soaked. I really enjoyed  her voice and explanation of her current knitting projects.

Doing yoga before bed always helps me to feel peaceful and to sleep well. I find that it doesn't have to be a difficult session, just a balanced and complete series of poses. Showing up at the mat is most of it. I also regularly do Pilates and the physical therapy exercises that I learned after my hip surgery. It's a good feeling to work those muscles and to keep them trained and in use.

A hot lunch is another way you can treat yourself. At noon today I made a grilled cheese sandwich. It tasted delicious. Something about the butter, whole grain bread, and melted cheddar cheese was very tasty and comforting. What kinds of things do you do to take better care of yourself? 


  1. Morning coffee and being up before everyone else. Peace and quiet before my day begins. Being outdoors. Afternoons I usually have my teapot going with herbal teas and enjoy some quiet time. Relaxing on the couch each evening either doing my cross stitch, watching a DVD, playing a board game, being with my family.

    1. I love the early mornings, Kylie. That sounds wonderful.

  2. not sure if i do anything special for myself, i like to knit in the morning after breakfast with my tea or coffee, i can focus better in ther mornings.
    ooo i do like to purchase my favourite things like wool :)) will have to try & start doing something with the garden but the heat is almost unbearable atm, 39`c today, though i think outside was hotter.
    i like your beanie, is there a pattern? your shawl is looking lovely & delicate now, very pretty colours.
    thanx for sharing

  3. Thanks Selina. I'll look in my knitting notebook for that pattern. I found it on line. It's a free one. I focus better in the mornings, too.

  4. Toasted cheese sandwiches are just the best, aren't they! I like mine with chutney. Meg:)

  5. HI Meg, Yes, they make great comfort food. I've never had one with chutney. That sounds delicious.