Monday, July 17, 2017

Using Coconut Soap as a Stain Removal Stick

Coconut soap makes an excellent, non toxic cleanser and stain remover. Of all the soaps that I make, this one has the best cleaning power. You can wet the fabric and rub it against the bar of soap, scrub it in a little bit, and then rinse away the stain. It's really quite magical, and it works instantly.

This morning I washed my white sheets and hung them on the clothesline to dry. I noticed there was a small stain on the upper left hand corner. I went inside and brought out my homemade coconut soap and rubbed the stain away; it  took just a few minutes. I put some fresh, clean water on the sheet to rinse away the soap residue, and then left it out in the sun to dry. The sun is wonderful for bleaching and disinfecting things naturally. It does an excellent job of whitening my laundry.

I sell a bar called Coconut Dream  in my Etsy shop. It is a very creamy soap with a rich lather. It only has four ingredients: coconut oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, and fragrance oil. It is excellent for using in the laundry, and also for household cleaning. I love that it's non toxic. It's very gentle and mild on the skin.

Tomorrow I will post my recipe for making coconut soap. It's a nice hard, long lasting bar, and is
one of my favorites. It has a 20% superfat, which makes it very creamy. The customers who buy it always come back and say, "I want the same soap that I ordered last time, the coconut one." 


  1. The magic of coconut. I love coconut and it now gets another tick.
    I couldn't help but notice your gorgeous leadlight. We have one hanging at the entrance and I would love one for the loungeroom in the form of a lamp on feet. I see them around however they're a little costly so I am always on the lookout for secondhand.

    1. HI Kylie, I love coconut, too. It's really fantastic. I found that lead light at a local church thrift shop. I think I got it for twenty dollars. I love it, too. I hope you can find one second hand.

  2. The next thing I want to learn is how to make soap. I like that your coconut soap has only four ingredients. Looking forward to read your next post.

    1. Hi Nil, I think you will love making soap. It's so rewarding. Yes, this is a nice simple recipe. You can even do it without the fragrance the first time, if you prefer. I have a feeling you are going to be a great soap maker.